Harvard Review

Harvard Review is a print literary journal publishing fiction, poetry, essays, visual art, and plays. Founded in 1992, it is published by Houghton Library at Harvard University. A digital companion, Harvard Review Online, offers poetry, fiction, essays, translations, interviews, book reviews, and essays on the classics. I have been the editor since 2000; the talented Alex Camlin does our covers. For a brief statement of editorial philosophy, see the editorial in HR 47 or my essay in Essay Daily, "Prose Matters."


From 1994 to 1998 I was editor of the literary quarterly Meanjin, now published by the University of Melbourne Press. Meanjin is a distinguished journal and I will always be grateful to Chris Wallace-Crabbe and the Meanjin board for giving me the opportunity to learn a craft that has sustained me for more than two decades. These and many other wonderful covers were designed by Mary Callahan.